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Stella Rimington

Stella Rimington: the 'unofficial' biography.

(By an ex-spook who worked for both MI5 and MI6 between 1979-2003.)

India: Rimington was recruited by MI5 as a colonial wife. After mind control programming, she went completely crazy. Rimington was given a cocktail of prescriptive drugs by the resident doctor at the High Commission, in order to keep a lid on her 'hallucinatory delusions'.

Later in life, Rimington was to keep a supply of Seconal in her handbag, to counter the psychotic episodes brought on by her increasing dependence upon cocaine. In short, she began to 'self-medicate'.

London - MI5 HQ: The early days. Rimington was hired as a secretary, even though she couldn't type. Her main job was to attend discreet parties and seduce various influential male figures.

Rimington began to drink too much in order to cope with this life of prostitution, whilst maintaining the semblance of a wife and mother of two young girls. To remedy this, she became bulimic, making herself throw up after the parties in order to get rid of the excess alcohol and to maintain her figure.

When Rimington had finally learnt how to type and was useful in the office, her boss (later to become Director-General of MI5) had a curious pecadillo: he requested that she type in the nude. Rimington often complained that she had to keep a bar-fire on during the winter months. Apart from that, her boss allegedly, never touched her. A voyeur, primarily and a family man.

Middle-aged and in Middle-Management

Rimington was chosen to be trained up by MI6 as an agent-runner. She was taught how to use and abuse new recruits by the implementation of the MI6 mind control programme: 'Alice in Wonderland'.

Not content with being 'privileged' to know the secrets of this MI6 mind control programme, Rimington decided to use one of her own agents (in 1989) to steal the MI6 mind control code book. With this knowledge (which included her own codes) she managed to not only break out of the system but also to potentially control it from the outside.


This was easy in view of the above. Rimington had become a meglomanic and control freak. She wasn't particularly intelligent but what she knew, she could put to good use, in terms of her own career. She acted in a Machiavellian way, using realpolitik to get rid of her rivals in the Service and was soon on the way to the top...

Director-General of MI5

Once in charge of MI5, those near Vauxhalll Bridge had very good reason to be afraid. Rimington began to 'knock off' MI6 agents abroad, for a variety of ill-defined reasons. A flippant remark at a social gathering could ensure an officer or agent's early retirement, sacking or 'disappearance'.

Rimington had become a full-blown psychotic at this point and her downfall came when she ordered the 'crash' of a military helicopter containing MI6 and MI5 Northern Ireland officers, over the Mull of Kintyre.

MI6 finally got wind of what she was up to and devised a 'sting' operation.

It was successful.

Rimington retired, somewhat ungracefully, in 1996.


Rimington continued to use the 'Alice in Wonderland' mind control programme outside of the auspices of British Intelligence Security Services. She collaborated with former officers, agents and the SAS. She has been involved in child-trafficking and the prostitution trade, ever since.


Rimington is an S/M lesbian who is well-known on the London club circuit.

She has published two novels (ghost-written by her editor) and a 'book of lies' i.e. her autobiography.

She once attacked a waitress with a fork in a Soho restaurant during one of her psychotic episodes.

Her favourite pop song is 'Super Trouper' - the only one she will dance to at Lesbian clubs.

She sacked Andrew Marr from the general INSET graduate trainee course (1980) because he dared to ask her 'girlfriend' (new recruit on course) to dance. Marr never graduated to become an officer like his comrade-in-arms, Richard Tomlinson. He has been used and run as an MI5 agent, ever since.

For the 'offical version' of Stella Rimington's career, please read:


Gordon said...

Re: Black Rabbit

The whole blog could do with a little editing but is sound enough in content.

I would like to add a detail to 'Trivia'.

Rimington's best male friend was the theatre and film director Stephen Daldry. She hated heterosexual men and surrounded herself with a coterie of 'friends of Dorothy'.

Stephen Daldry is infamous in certain circles for his blatant paedophilia. Rimington also liked to abuse children.

Together, they became informally known as 'Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee'. The S/M couple.

Alan said...

Today is an historic day in the battle against Illuminati mind control programming.

Manningham-Buller was reported in The Times newspaper yesterday, as resigning in 2007.

One has to ask the question immediately: who will replace her?

Unfortunately the answer is not good. Someone who has a very similar CV to her in terms of being a 'specialist' in Islamic 'terrorism'.

Reading between the lines one can see that this person has obviously been her righthand man in terms of indoctrinating Islamic students (probably about 10 years ago - to let them have time to form the terrorist links, cells, acquire materials, set up smuggling rings etc).

I have already recounted how this plan would best suit their needs. Manningham-Buller was always hopeless at her job - completely disorganised and therefore would simply not have the intelligence to set up a terrorist cell from scratch. Far better to programme these people to do it and then just let them get on with it until the time came to give them their 'activation codes'.

Manningham-Buller and her Royal associates are still going to holding the country to ransome. The ransome note runs something like this:

'If you do not agree to a Nazi-controlled, totalitarian State then we will continue to terrorise and bomb this country until you do.'

It is rather like what is happening in Israel right now.

Anonymous said...

Anybody remember Rimington's great pal on the dyke circuit: Mrs Tiddlywinkle? Named as such because she looked like a spiny hedgehog?

Guess what the Chedgzoy has got another job now, after the University of Warwick gave her such an excellent reference...

To leave.

Anonymous said...

What about that other pal of Rimington's? The one who was recently on the Discovery Channel - having found...wasn't it Nefertiti's grave?

Fat, ugly woman with a podgy snub-nose and afro of hennaed hair. Claims to be an archaeologist.

No wonder they all used to call Tomlinson the 'Mummy'. I wonder if we will shortly see 'Nefertitis' around? Stop this abuse of the DNA now.

Anonymous said...

I heard the one about Rimington being wrestled to the ground from Daldry - apparently the barman had to intervene. Anyway, here is a story I just had to share with you:

Rimington decided to celebrate her birthday in 1988 by drugging one of her belligerent operatives and frogmarching her down Totnes High Street to the posh pub hotel at the bottom. There she ordered champagne on ice, trashed the room and then left her operative (who had duly serviced her sexually) to pick up the bill.

Special Branch picked up the CCTV in the hotel foyer. Much embarrassment all round.

The mind control operative had no idea what had happened after waking up in a strange room with wet towels lying around the floor. The police had a very good idea after identifying Rimington on the video footage. She had signed for the room.

Isn't life funny? Who has got that videotape now, then? I heard that Special Branch refused to hand it over to MI5 but maybe they were forced to in the end. Who knows?

Anonymous said...

Stella Rimington used her step-daughters as agents - young women who carried her DNA but who had been placed into other families. The young women were not aware of the Royal Genome project and nor were their surrogate mothers.

Rimington was aware.

Rimington used these young women for sex as well as running her 'errands'.

Grim, is hardly the word.

The sickness and insanity which is prevalent in British Intelligence, is almost beyond words.

Anonymous said...

Royal Arch Freemasonry, eh?

Since when did an old whore with bulimia, as well as what is known as coke psychosis and a predilection for abusing and murdering young children - become the Royal Arch Freemasons' PISTIS SOPHIA?

I thought the SOPHIA was supposed to represent wisdom.

Anonymous said...

You could ask the same question about Manningham-Buller who replaced her. When was being a psychotic, lesbian transexual considered as a being above us mere mortals?

Calling Stella an old whore, is a bit harsh though. No one ever paid her for it.

Anonymous said...

One of the Ashkenaton rites was held at the Redoubt Fort in Harwich.

Part of the worship of Anahid - goddess of volcanoes.

The victim was strung upside down from the lamp-post in the middle - over the ancient well in the centre. He/she was then beaten and branded with a hot iron.

As far as I know, MI6 and MI5 are still practicing this disgusting perversion of a rite with their new recruits.

Anonymous said...

The name of this victim was 'Erica Chambers' - or rather her codename.

Why was she subjugated to this hideous ritual?

Was it the Ashkenazim who were behind it?

Or was it Manningham-Buller who harboured the usual aristocratic hatred of Jews, Zionism etc?

Rimington and Scarlett presided over the 'procedure' whilst the other recruits were forced to watch from inside the Fort museum.

Was it simply the fact that the graduate trainees (Marr, Daldry and Tomlinson) were sick with disgust that they hadn't the bravery or guts to do what Chambers had done? Is this why they agreed to torture and brand her in this obscene fashion?

If so, they were correct. They were all snivelling, spineless, whining dogs and they knew it. Not one of them could bear a woman to upstage them.

They were the ones who beat her until her arms hung useless by her sides and then Marr branded her with an iron. Chambers was in so much agony that she almost broke her ankles in trying to get free and Daldry couldn't work the pulley to get her down until she had lost consciousness. Tomlinson was trying to hold her still whilst all three of them were panicking wildly.

Even tied up and upside down, Chambers was too much for any of those sick dogs to handle.

British Intelligence at its best - a sick pack of snarling, cowardly dogs.

Anonymous said...

No one has mentioned the biggest secret and source of embarrassment concerning Stella Rimington yet.

She was recruited by the KGB in 1961. Peter Wright and all of his mates in MI5 didn't 'notice' the naked typist in the boss' office - didn't imagine that she could be the mole.

Rimington's codename was NORTHSTAR.

STELLAR RIMMING...was her new ID.

The demonic Masonic St John cult's worship of the northern star on the horizon - otherwise known as the planet VENUS.

Richard Tomlinson mentions NORTHSTAR and OVATION in his autobiography 'The Biggest Breach'.

For my money, the biggest breach of the lot was letting that evil bitch Rimington get to the top of MI5 and Tomlinson outed her to the entire spying world.

Shame on you MI5 - you then allowed Manningham-Buller, Rimington's accessory and partner in crime to then take over years later.

If you don't learn your mistakes from history, you are bound to repeat them.

Anonymous said...

Rimington's codename still is NORTHSTAR according to the British Royal Family's Illuminati cult. They have now taken back the reins of power from Tomlinson's erstwhile mob The Golden Chain.

Rimington is still their 'Pistis Sophie' - she hasn't given up the mantle yet despite being a two-bit actress with an interest in Hammer Horror S/M fest rituals. There was never anything 'magical' or 'spiritual' about Rimington.

She should have been registered in an Amateur Dramatics society for the chemically-challenged rather than get a job with British Intelligence. Cocaine psychosis was her downfall and she is still falling...

Anonymous said...

Daldry and Manningham-Buller's codenames are: TELSTAR

They are Rimington's acolytes in this sick St John saga.

Tomlinson blew them all out of the water in The Big Breach.

Anonymous said...

Rimington was recruited by the KGB in 1961 on her own admission in certain MI6 files - anyone care to comment upon that one?

Anonymous said...

Rimington was chosen as the demonic Pistis Sophia - Illuminati priestess of the St John Masonic Order.

Bluntly, she used to murder people at their rites - sacrifice them to the planet Venus. Everyone knew Rimington was off her head but no one quite dared say it - not unless they wanted to lose their own head.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't she responsible for the murders of those SOE veterans who had rumbled the St John brigade in MI5?

I heard they buried the bodies just outside Thorpe-le-Soken.

Anonymous said...

She was indeed. 1981.

Is the St John cult really a front for the old OTO Aztec sungod song and dance? I thought Manningham-Buller was in charge of that one now?

Heard that Rimington had been murdered in Port Wentworth, Australia recently - by Richard Tomlinson no less - upon whose orders?

Funny how that Cambridge Consortium still appears to think that she is going to turn up later on in the autumn as a keynote speaker.

Slapped wrists - the 'Hive'. Surely Mr Evans should have told them to withdraw their internet advertisement by now?

Anonymous said...

What was Rimington's initial HOOK to get her into the Illuminati cult in the UK?

Check out her old school records.

Rimington had a crush on another girl - followed her around - girl was found dead - her head battered in - death was reported as 'accidental' - apparently she had fallen off a wall.

Rimington was 14 years old.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody remember 'Fatty Arbuckle' - that kindly old man (well to me anyway - I was only a teenager at the time).

Rimington (and an agent I shall not name) - murdered him with a coathanger - asphyxiation - after having seduced and then drugged him. I had warned him not to get 'involved' in that way again - I was the first one to be sent by Rimington to get him.

Rimington did the dirty deed - she had been hiding in the wardrobe. You remember those tiny bedrooms above the offices - the ones which were so sparsely laid out - a small desk, Queen-sized bed and wardrobe. Not enough to swing a cat in.

May his soul rest in peace now.

Anonymous said...

Fatty Arbuckle - you mean Hanley, don't you? MI5 boss murdered by Rimington so that she could get Nazi Smith in and herself later on.

Why not really spill the beans about the Illuminati cult and let's have a discussion about what they get up to at:

Mornington Crescent.

You know - that London Underground Tube station which has been closed since whenever. Why? Because it contains the entrances to British Intelligence's tunnels to Illuminati HQ.

This is where they all go to perform their Satanic rites (not just old WWII secret bunkers).

There is also a tunnel under the Thames from MI6 to the Houses of Parliament. A whole underground network that not too many people know about.

Let's blow all of the rats out of their sewers!

Joe said...

You are missing the point with the Satanic rites.

Sure, they practise them but the esoteric shit is just a cover for a massive mind control slave market, zygote market and child trafficking ring.

Rimington ran the lot along with Hilary Swanson who was in charge of the Royal Genome Project. They all 'fed' into each other.

The whole Cold War thing was a hoax in the main. A front for this appalling slave trade.

The SMILEYS were the MLYS of the cult - those thrown out of MI6 COSMOS programming circles because of their insubordination to this sick cult.

The KARLAS were in fact, LA RA Freemasonry who objected to the paedophilia.

SMILEYS and KARLAS joined up in the end - NOT the 'darkest enemies' but in reality, good friends.

Check out Planet X of the solar system to see SMILEY and KARLA two asteroid bodies, not large enough to be planets - thrown out of the Royal system because they disagreed with this disgusting slave trade.

Anonymous said...

The rites are important to them.

I was unfortunate enough to attend the IHS Templar Castle one in 2002.

Amongst the glitterati in attendence were:

J K Rowling
Gordon Brown

David Miliband

Stephen Daldry

Stella Rimington (she was the Dr Mengele of the organisation, organising the torture and murder of kidnapped children - no details - too terrible)

Dr Joanne Collie

Andrew Marr (he spent most of the time naked and screaming - off his head on some form of narcotic).

John Scarlett (he was so drunk/drugged up that he had very little idea of what was going on around him).

Paul O' Grady (he was the only one who openly disapproved of the entire set-up. Told me that he would never have had any sort of a career unless he joined them. He had held out for most of his life.)

The Templars had captured a large amount of people whom they called the 'snakes' i.e. slaves in a large dungeon underneath the castle. One brave person managed to set them free and the result in the neighbouring village of Mons and other places nearby, ensured that the British Army had to move in. Thus began the most incredible cover-up in recent European history. It was like WACO, Guyana.

The British Army ordered those in the Castle to come out. They then sent a tank in to bulldoze the walls.

Prince Philip and Prince William were in that Castle. Both of them had murdered countless tiny children in their rites. No details again - too terrible to write about.

The British Army assembled watched as both walked out with large, dark, woven potato sacks over their heads. They were then bundled into a van and driven away.

The British Army present at the time - may or may not have had any idea who they were but the SIS general there, certainly did.

They might have managed to cover it up regarding the ordinary soldiers there but the videotapes are now on sale worldwide. The whole event had been closely monitored for blackmail purposes.

You want to know what Gordon Brown is up to now? He is selling everything he can to pay off blackmailers. That includes those 'child benefit' records, the gold reserve - you name it - anything he can get his hands on.

Anonymous said...


The village just above Cagnes-Sur-Mer in Provence.

Richard Tomlinson used to live in Cagnes-Sur-Mer and his friends used to joke that he was now a 'James Cagney' rather than a James Bond.

He was British Intelligence's 'ferryman' who used to bring the kidnapped children in for their Illuminati rites.

Rimington devised games along MKULTRA lines e.g. the assorted children at the Templar Castle were given the most evil-minded torture games to play, imaginable. Many were murdered in front of the other children to set an example: you must never ever talk about this cult or what we do or you will be murdered in a similar way.

The parents who brought their own children with them (Richard and Judy were present) were terrorised into obedience. They had no choice.

The McCanns were also present. This is why the wife knew immediately that Madelaine had been abducted by paedophiles. She could name them all too and has been paid hush money by them.

J K Rowling is an actress. She never wrote the Harry Potter books. She is also being blackmailed. She has seen very little of the money made from either the books or merchandising. She was made to pay the McCanns hush money. Sir Philip Green was also compelled to do so.

The last and most terrible blackmailer in this scenario was the Raven King of this Templar cult.


Ratzinger was present at the rites, wearing his 'raven' robes.

He is currently head of the St John cult - a denomination of OTO -internationally.

Black Rabbit said...

Is Madeleine McCann still alive?

Anonymous said...

The modern day SOE are alive and well, having managed to sabotage and sink the liner containing the gold to pay for the continuing use of UK mind control slaves.

Who authorised this payment?

Why Gordon Brown - selling off the gold reserve to blackmailers.

The Templar knights of OTO are on the run.

The gold is now in Davy Joneses' Locker and will remain there - a focal point for international wrangling as the ship sank in international waters - until this whole horror is sorted out.

That is until every person in the UK has woken up to what was done to them by those slave merchants.

Prince Philip and Prince William have reason to be VERY worried indeed.

Anonymous said...

Worse is to come for this sicko cult:

What to know what the Microsoft codes are for ORACLE mind control programmers:

Copy the 'Robert Anton Wilson' Wikipedia page and open it on NOTEPAD (don't use anything else).

You will then see the full demonic coding system for the entirety of the Illuminati cult.

Work it out.

Anonymous said...

In addition, don't try to print it off - you have been warned.

Your printing counter will continue to infinity - the webpage was coded to deter mind control programmers from printing it off and leaving it around their living space - just in case anybody who wasn't a programmer, spotted it.

However, it is possible to circumvent this one - copy sections of the WORDPAD document into new 'docs' and then you will be able to print them all off separately and bypass the infinity printer code.

Jules said...


Jenny said...

20th Century FOX (AKA a 'subsid' FBI company) produced THE SIMPSONS as a skit upon the UK Illuminati cult.

THE SIMPSONS BELLY BUSTER cartoon book contains the Templar Castle 2002 horror story in hilarious detail.

Brief resume of character list:

Miliband is MILHOUSE
Stephen Daldry is BARNEY
Andrew Marr is SIDESHOW MEL
Jonathan Evans is CHIEF WIGGUM

To name but a few...this is the cheapest way to have a laugh at all of your favourite characters.

The Templar Castle VIDEO 2002 is far too expensive for most aficionados of this particular 'show'.

Anonymous said...

Stella's main occupation at present, is facilitating the Trapezoid Knight of the Round Table (courtesy of the British Crown) at child sacrifices to Moloch, behind the woods which back onto the garden of his New Mistley House (that is when she isn't helping him to smuggle in various goods that the Crown has ordered.)

Why not check this guy out...along with his abused spaniel dog which is kept in a barred cage next to his is titled CAVE CANEM...the poor dog was whipped into submission, brutalised...AND has had his vocal cords cut.

Anonymous said...

That's next to Mistley Marina, isn't it? The one where Rimington programmes new ILL-uminati slaves with S-HIP programming.

Very disturbing indeed.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone mentioned 'red purse' programming by Rimington yet?

This is based on the ghost story of 'The Woman in Black' by Susan Hill.

Rimington used to take young women to Mary Howarth's cottage in Sudbury, Suffolk.

In the tangled mess of the walled back garden is a small red, iron carriage with enough space to fit two people in.

Rimington would abhort the young mind control slave within this chamber, whilst rocking it.

Her mother was a midwife, remember?

Rimington claims that the original Mary Howarth was her first programmer and inductor into the ILL-uminati cult. However, she is lying - Howarth was a Victorian.

Rimington would then eat various parts of the relatively unformed foetus which she would refer to as the young woman' 'little rat'.

She would then wrap the remains of the foetus in newspaper and burn it in an incinerator - the type normally used for leaves.

The victim of this horror would be completely disassociative by this point. Not being able to 'connect anything with anything' which made it so much easier for Rimington, Tomlinson, Daldry, Marr and the like - to abuse that woman for her human eggs/zygotes. She would disassociate immediately and NOT remember anything afterwards - after any of their attacks. The eggs/zygotes would then be sold on the ILL-uminati market.

Anonymous said...

Anyone mentioned 'Goblin' programming yet?

Tomlinson was programmed as a Goblin.

This is a 'black magic' ritual which involves drinking the aborted menstrual blood of a female slave with the zygote included of impregnated woman, to gain 'psychic' power over that woman.

In effect, it did no such thing but what it did do was to terrorise the young woman into complete disassociation. She would be unable even to go near the memory in her head, never mind talk about it.

Anonymous said...

Somebody hasn't been looking at Rimington's extensive files of her early history.

Her first 'human' murder wasn't her school friend at 14 years old, it was a 3 year-old boy whom she pushed over a ledge into a dump. His body wasn't found for weeks. She was only 9 years old.

To complete the picture, you might also want to know that Rimington murdered her first pet, a tortoise by cutting off its head with a penknife. This was quickly followed by poisoning her pet rabbit, the next animal that her parents were foolish enough to give her.

Rimington was eventually spotted in the equivalent of 'Juvenile Services' by MI5 who decided that anyone who had such a murderous history, someone who actively enjoyed murder - was someone that they wanted to hire. And they did. To their cost.

MI5 handlers still trawl 'Juve' today to spot other young people with serious mental problems and psychotic proclivity in order to train them up as assassins.

Anonymous said...

Any top Illuminati mind control programmer will be aware of a what a LIZARD programmer constitutes.

The LIZARD programmers are the low-level element of the mind control programmers of the Illuminati cult - they do the 'dirty business'.

Rimington was one of this and still is.

She is currently the 'hands-on' Manageress of the Illuminati human zygote/egg/sperm mafia trade - run for and by the Royal Family to further their Genome Project.

Rimington reports to Eliza Manningham-Buller, who is the Royal overseer of this filthy trade.

The owner of it, is Sir Phillip Green.

The top LIZARD programmer is labelled 'The King of the Goblins'. This 'Goblin King' is currently Andrew LLoyd Webber.

Any young woman programmed as a 'zygote slave' by the Illuminati cult - will have been taken to Mary Howarth's cottage in Suffolk.

The walled garden behind is a 'programming centre' for 'red purse' mind control programming.

In short, Rimington takes young women out into the garden and puts them into a smallish, old and rusty red carriage - which is to the back of this 'wilderness' garden.

Rimington, who trained as a midwife originially (like her mother) then aborts the young woman in this container and then - either you laugh or cry - begins to eat parts of what she terms the 'delicacy' i.e. the foetus.

The traumatised young victim is always already under mind control
and therefore disassociates almost immediately. Rimington terms the unborn child 'a little rat' to her face and then wraps the remains in newspaper. She then takes it to the incinerator at the back of the garden and burns it, in front of the young woman's eyes.

Why is this sick and evil 'esoteric' practice carried out? To obsfucate the real reason as to why it is being done. Afterwards, the 'red purse' programming is indelibly marked onto the subconscious mind of the young victim - who will immediately disassociate as soon as she hears the words 'red purse' making subsequent forced abortions easy to carry out by GOBLIN programmers.

The whole process if part of ALICE IN WONDERLAND mind control programming. For further details - read the metaphorical account of the lizard being forced down the 'chimney' of the house in which 'little foetus' Alice is entrapped.

Rimington was insane - a psychotic - but even she disassociated to an extent in relation to her role as a LIZARD programmer.

She therefore used to tell her colleauges in British Intelligence that she was an 'interdimensional space lizard' who 'couldn't be destroyed by fire because we are like Salamanders'.

This is the current state of British Intelligence today.

Anonymous said...

Any journalist who would like to interview either Stella Rimington or Richard Tomlinson - should go and hang around outside their house in the Colchester area:

14 Sycamore Road, Great Connard.

Telephone numbers (they have their own separate phone lines):

01787 376424

01787 378869

Rimington and Tomlinson have been posing as 'man and wife' for about 8 years now - during their sojourns back to the UK. He is known as the 'aging Public School' toyboy 'Richard'...and she is known as Ann Ellis.

(The book circle that she runs in Colchester might be a little unsettled to learn this news but having botoxed her lips - Rimington isn't as quickly or as easily identifiable in her usual 'panto' disguises, as she used to be.)

Anonymous said...

On a lighter note, if anyone wants a real laugh - have a look at the photograph of ANN BAKER in CAROUSEL OF SECRETS. Rimington was so proud of these books that she actually put her portrait in the front of this abysmal novel. Quite hilarous I assure you and telling protrayal of how 'Dorian Gray' she has become - almost too frightening too appear in any Dracula movie - pure EVIL.

Tomlinson had to be under mind control to f*** her. (As those who watch that cartoon series know...)- he must have thought he was screwing Julia Roberts. It just gets funnier.

Black Rabbit said...

I've seen it - the words 'grotesque' and 'mummmified' come immediately to mind.

Didn't Tomlinson have a mind control command 'rigor mortis' which he used on girls and young women because he liked the necrophiliac way? However, one can see that petrified, ancient 'mummies' resurrected from the dead might have been a bit of a stretch - even with his powers of the imagination.

Anonymous said...


Who'd touch someone like that - knowing where he's been???

Anonymous said...


Who'd touch someone like that - knowing where he's been???

Anonymous said...

Stella Rimington stole an important item of my Swiss-French grandmother's - her Crois de Guerre - given to her by her lover Joseph in Paris - as a pact and symbol of their love. He never returned from the war.

Rimington sniffed at it, told me that it was of no use to her but could be melted down. It was only a tiny amount of gold but what it symbolised was massive.

It symbolised LOVE, HOPE and TRIUMPH over evil.

Rimington was never loved and had no idea how to make herself lovable.

As a result, she had to 'buy' her children, 'buy' her lovers' and 'buy' her husband as well as all of her friends.

One can only feel sorry for her, even by doing such a terrible act - it is quite obvious that it would have hurt her more than it hurt me.
It would have reminded her of her abject status. Rather like some empty, rusted old tin drum washed up on the seashore.

Anonymous said...

I can confirm that one - Rimington 'bought' her first two children from the Illuminati child slave trade that she was running. Two boys. She then palmed them off on her first husband.

After that she then 'bought' two girls. I went to school with one of them. I have no idea whether or not Nichola knows who her real parents are or were. Knowing Rimington as ones does, she probably murdered them a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

An error in the actual biography. Rimington was never a 'colonial wife', she made that one up.

She never did a degree in English Literature - or any other degree until recently - at Essex University and over 70 years old. One of the most ignorant and under-educated women out - (but it helps if one of your best friends is Michael Spencer of M&S - also one of the most ignorant people out - anyone who collects Vettriano has the worst 'taste' in all worlds.)

True - about her adopting two boys - getting rid of them and then adopting two daughters.

The ONLY qualification that Rimington ever had was as a 'midwife' and I doubt if she was ever even RSN qualified.

It is funny really - you read about crazy people blagging their way into hospitals and pretending to be doctors - but how did MI5 not notice Rimington's forged qualifications? It makes the whole agency look entirely laughable - a sheer disgrace.

Anonymous said...

Stella Rimgton was the PASSAGE as in PAS – SAGE. The ‘herb green’ demonic Stella Maris of the ILLuminati cult. The Royal Arch Freemasonry cult used Chinese symbols to smuggle ‘under the arches’ this is the true orgins of the very idea of the Royal Arch Freemasonry brethren. To create a cult of mind control smugglers. Most Masons have no idea until they are picked up by Customs and even
when shown the CCTV of what they have done – tend to refuse to believe it because they have no memories at all.

Here is an account from an EX RA slave:

“You have a sort of pitchfork which represents SHAN (the mountain) -
I can now see why Rimington liked that one...Darren Shan and his vampire books aka Tomlinson (he was her 'rock' in every sense of the word) 'I' with two strokes above and below for GONG (work)......she particularly liked the symbol for heart SHING which is quite hard to describe but a sort of face in terms of three strokes above and a sort of 'smile'line below...she programmed me with 'heart attack' if I was ever sent that image again... although it has also been used on some slaves to promote shingles.

She liked the image for FUNG (square) because it looks like
a stick person with their head floating away from their neck...
and also the line with two across it and one floating above
SHOW (hand)...saying that the image now meant 'always tell me
the truth' she might have gone on to use generically as
a 'lizard programer' was for the 'moon' as in a long thin rectangle
with two lines across it...and the sound rather like 'ewe - ay'...
and the Sun which is a closed rectangle with one line across it
...TI JUNG...I remember her singing 'you're much too young,
much too young...married with a kid when you should be having fun
with me'...i.e. with your programmer, doing what they want you
to do...and it amused her...I suppose she could see uses for it with
people in 'child alters'...I looked up the Chinese character for 1/2 kilo ('jing') in my Chinese 'learning the characters' book...and found that it looked like an amalgamated FT....and FT has come up so
many times in the codes that I have been looking at and is obviously about Cocaine smuggling...and generally considered the possibility that it might be linked to the Financial Times but had no idea...

Yet now I can see that Rimington and her ilk were all about 'smuggling for the Crown' or for herself and her programmers...”

Anonymous said...

I would agree with that - Rimington was the STELLA MARIS and as such was given the colour coded of 'HERB GREEN' which is part of the ORO/Moloch cult coding of the highest echelons of this paedophile/drug cult of 'Illuminati'.

It was all about smuggling and nothing much else. I personally don't give a damn about what people stuff up their noses but Rimington was trafficking children.

Black Rabbit said...

I will put up some photographs of the microchip that was fixed to the pineal gland of UK Illuminati slaves...and that means most of the government apart from anybody else...

The coding was shown to me (by default) by Rimington who was trying to re-programme me again in 2003.

There is a fascimile of the colour-coded factors of the chip i.e. their EMF frequencies upon the spines of the Penguin Series:


What the Illuminati were doing to their slaves every 5 years - was to scoop a bit more out of the pineal gland and 'stun' it by what they called 'a needle through the eye'. This served a dual purpose:

To prevent the slave from recovering any memories of the horrific sexual and psychological abuse during 'programming'.

To sell minute quantities of human pineal gland on the Royal Illuminati market.

Anonymous said...

PS - I have included photographs of the entire series on the back of the box collection as well as the 'odd' one out - the 'two feathers'book (that Rimington didn't know about, incidentally)on:

This is because US Intelligence had infiltrated and changed the entire ballgame - there is no longer going to be an EVERYGREEN future according to the Dr Greens (Mengeles) of the cult...all change. Guess why?

Anonymous said...

You haven't exposed the full madness of Rimington's organisation and their plans yet:

Rimington had been programmed to be a 'lizard programmer' i.e. satanic abortionist.

However, along with her US mate Mr Mann (tycoon extraordinaire) she had begun to get delusions of grandeur - fuelled by the Rockefeller Family who actually worshipped a 'lizard god' on the quiet.

You sound loony just writing about this stuff, don't you?

Anyway, Rimington began to see herself as what Mr Icke would term an 'interdimensional space lizard' and what would such a creature do if it landed on Earth?

Lay eggs...

In effect, that is what this evil organisation has done - cloned Rimington's eggs (she is the STELLA MARIS of the Illuminati cult) and implanted them in approx. 100,000 women in the UK as well as all over the world. This is an international test trial.

Richard Tomlinson explained the ultimate trajectory of such an action:

To create a 'hybrid' man who could become pregnant. The Illuminati cult wants to eventually make 'women' redundant - a Nazi eugenics project of horrifying proportions. Rimington was a prototype of this project and couldn't actually have children herself. She was what one might term a transexual but secretly always thought of herself as a 'man'.

The eggs are currently been monitored by the 'HH naval intelligence coding run by the Monarchy) in NHS clinical coding and they have to be destroyed.

Rimington was singled out as having something terrible on her genes by the Luciferians/Satanists of this cult and to let things take their course, is to invite more than disaster and not just on a genetic/biological level.

Anonymous said...

Then you don't know the worst of it yet.

In a cave at the main MOLOCH site at Bohemian grove - there is a safe inside it. Inside that safe is the largest RUBY in the entire world.

These idiots (who now believe that they are descended from 'space lizards' who once visite the Aztecs and became their gods)are worshipping this RUBY, which incidentally, is about the size of two ostrich eggs.

As far as I am aware the largest ruby in existence is supposed to be the JEWEL IN THE CROWN of Queen Elizabeth but that is miniscule in comparison to the 'monster' in that safe.

Why do the Illuminati worship this stone?

It is symbolic of the damaged and bloodied mess of the pineal gland.

The Illuminati now voluntarily go to have this operation done every 5 years to 'lower' their consciousness rather than to 'higher' it.


Because the fools LIKE pretending to be 'space lizards'. They LIKE the paedophilia. They LIKE torturing and murdering other people. They LIKE eating their elite caviare i.e. human eggs. They think that these practices are what 'evolved' and 'intelligent' lizards off another planet would do.

What can you say? What can you do? These people list George Bush, Cheney, Blair, Brown, the is a very long list indeed.

They are all victims of mind control and the biggest fraud out. They are no more 'space lizards' than anyone else on this planet - just hideously deluded human beings.

Anonymous said...

Richard Tomlinson was privy to a human zygote deal circa 2003 between the Royal Family and the Saudis.

The Saudis wanted what they termed 'white, elite bloodline human eggs' for what Tomlinson described in somewhat fanciful terms as: a recipe for the elixir of life.

Good news for those of us with mixed genes then. We will not be used as surrogate zygote/human eggs slaves under mind control. However, those like David Cameron's wife should be very worried indeed. (If you are married to a Templar, it is more than likely that you will be targetted.)

Those of us who understand 'Alice in Wonderland' mind control will know that these women all have 'child alters' which will have been taught to respond to certain programming commands from especially designed programming texts.

The latest off the MI6/Royal production line is from ORCHARD BOOKS:


I won't bore you with the details - if you know how to analyse these text, then the programming cues are obvious.

Those in charge of this revolting 'literary project' are Dr Joanne Collie and her associates at MI6. (Collie currently poses as a 'Dr' at Susan Bassnett's research Centre at the University of Warwick. Give her a call.) I suppose they all get a 'cut in the deal' somewhere along the line and the Royal Family are about to make an almost inestimable amount of money from it.

Those directly reponsible for the production of these despicable books are:

Sally Grindley - author
Lindsey Gardiner - illustrator

Reading Consultant: Prue Goodwin, lecturer in Education at the University of Reading.

In brief, the books contain all of the codes for the covert practice of aborting girls as young as 11 years old and 'teaching' them to 'see' their eggs and their womb as something completely different e.g. 'everyday objects' like a huge oval bar of pink soap in the bath (the aborted foetus). Those of us used to this type of horror in terms of mind control and hypnotism - know that the girl/young woman will be traumatised beyond description - will not be able to remember what happened until their early 40s when the memories begin to come back.

The main programming command to abort is SNAP. The main torture used to make the girl/young woman disassociate is dislocation of the knee.

Anonymous said...

Guess what?

Just to show that she isn't discriminatory in any way, Rimington (via Collie) has dedicated one of the books to her step-daughter Nicola, whom Rimington has been running as a surrogate zygote slave for her entire life. See POPPY AND MAX AND RIVER PICNIC (about 'twins').

That is how sick and twisted, these people are.

In addition, the graphic designer Gardiner has dedicated POPPY AND MAX AND THE LOST PUPPY (about a young girl having a baby and being made to give it up for adoption) to Richard Tomlinson.

His 'pet name' is DARCY. Tomlinson always liked to pretend he was some tall, dark hero - his fantasy IDs have included BYRON and DRACULA (he has started a whole new mind control series of alters around vampires.)

Tomlison aka Rory Macklin has been well-known in the zygote/child trafficking mafias and for most of his life - even before working as an MI6 officer.

Check out the children's book HUNGRY! HUNGRY! HUNGRY! which contains the 'midwife' Illuminati alter used to abort women. Tomlinson was originally programmed in his child alter to carry out these obscene and barbaric acts via this programming script (peas are zygotes). The Illuminati belief is that if a 'master' eats the 'peas' of a slave that he will gain greater control over her. This is pure Satanism i.e. pure insanity.

Anonymous said...

From the journal of a high-level 'carrier pigeon' messenger for the Illuminati cult:

"The Well of Souls (Arabic:Bir el- Arweh) is the name of a natural cave located immediately beneath the Sakhrah (the Foundation Stone) in the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. In addition to a small well shaped hole in the stone that looks into the cave, there is also an entrance on the southern side, via a set of steps passing through a gap between the stone and the surrounding bedrock.[1] The cave takes the form of a moderately sized room[2] (similar in floor space to the stone), the ceiling curving to the ground gently, and the floor having been flattened and carpeted. The southern end of the cave, through which the steps enter it, has man-made walls[3] to provide structural support to the cave roof above the steps.
Rabbi David ben Solomon ibn Abi Zimra attested to the existence of a cave, found under the Dome of the Rock,[4] known as the Well of Souls.
Since Islamic tradition holds that Muhammad ascended heavenwards from the stone, a related tradition has grown up that states that the Last Judgment will happen at the Sakhrah, and that the souls of the dead gather in the well of souls to wait for that event, and to pray."

This is it - this webpage on Wikipedia THE WELL OF SOULS explained EVERYTHING for me - I finally got what had happened below Temple Mount.

Firstly - look at the aerial photograph of it on Wikipedia - it looks like the reverse image of the Illuminati 'rabbit' drawing that they showed us early on - complete with the 'eye'.

Secondly the 'well of souls' is supposed to be a 'moderately sized' room - that was PRECISELY what I had stood in - in pitch dark blackness but knew it to be a cave in the rock - with Scarlett and Rimington BEFORE falling down the relatively small hole in the ground - missing the rungladder but riccochetting off its back wall into the rung ladder and getting stuck between the wall and ladder as a feet and hands found the rungs - very lucky indeed - as Rimington was to laugh about - they had had a nasty accident with one guy - who managed to impale himself on the spikes below.

Rimington had laughed at me in this 'well of souls' - I could hear people above and threatened to scream for help. She mentioned the people above and you could hear them faintly and how anyone screaming from that room would disturb them all greatly. I can see why now - the Muslims believe that the souls of the dead will congregate in this room - on the day of the Last Judgement. Anybody heard screaming from this 'well of souls' would be supposed to be a 'soul of the dead'. I guess that it what the guy had sounded like - the one who had impaled himself.

The article about the 'well of souls' states that this room is now carpetted...I would guess that a manhole cover has also been put down this tunnel underground from that cave-like room.

"According to pre-Islamic folklore, the well of souls was a place where the voices of the dead could be heard along with the sounds of the Rivers of Paradise, as, according to the folklore, the cave is located on top of the Abyss of Chaos; the cave is now known to have no exit apart from those leading to the surface of the Sakhrah, and the sounds have been argued to be a resonance effect similar to hearing the sea from seashells. The well of souls is sometimes conflated with the guf, a location in Jewish mythology, where the souls of the not-yet-born are stored, though the guf is usually considered to be a more heavenly location than an earth-bound one.
The Well of Souls is sometimes considered the hiding place of the Ark of the Covenant in legends stating that the Ark was hidden beneath the Temple Mount, but removed when Solomon's temple was destroyed by the neo-Babylonians. In this context it appeared in Raiders of the Lost Ark, although relocated to Tanis, Egypt."

One can see from the above information that nobody visiting the Dome of the Rock and hearing faint wailing from below...would want to find out
who was making that would be framed as a 'religious experience' - that one had heard the 'souls of the dead'.

In addition, one can see that 'according to the folklore, the cave is located on top of the Abyss of Chaos', apparently nobody on the Internet knows about this 'Abyss of Chaos' underneath the 'well of souls' apart from this article...couldn't find any other mention of it.

I know exactly what this 'Abyss of Chaos' beneath the Well of Souls means: it means Herod's Temple - used by the Templars for their evil rites.

Let me go over the events again...down the steps under the Dome of the Rock to that underground chamber called THE WELL OF SOULS - no light put in it - although I now have the distinct impression that I was shown this small room AND the red carpet on the floor AND a stand-up lamp in the corner at some point although have NO knowledge of this room on this side of the mirror...however, I was then taken there again and in complete darkness... - then down the rung ladder and a crawl through the rock - via a small hole made by a natural stream which had long since dried up - the TINTIN book about BLACK ISLAND (used on Illuminati programming as a mind control text by British Intelligence to 'cover' memories of abuse) also has a similiar tunnel which reminded me again of the whole experience and so prompted me to look up the Dome of the Rock again...Anyway the crawl through the rock would take one AWAY from the Dome of the underneath ANOTHER place on Temple Mount.

I can guess where THAT would be: the memory of walking around on Temple Mount with Rimington and Scarlett...her asking where I thought the
'temple' was and my pointing to that 'chessboard' with the 'rock sculpture pieces' upon it - in front of the Arabic Museum.

Rimington was messing around with my mind - she said 'no' and that 'everyone said that'...she then pointed to the other side of the Dome of the Rock and said that the Jews believed that their Temple had once stood over there and were planning to build their new one in that location.

This puzzled me no end...I had assumed that she was referring to that Masonic Temple underground to which we had all been taken for that terrible 'induction' into the OTO cult - underneath Temple Mount and like all of the others, who had been asked the same question - had immediately psychicly guessed that this was in fact, beneath that demonic 'rock piece' chessboard between the Islamic Museum and Al Aqsa Mosque - on the other side of the Dome of the Rock. It makes sense - the Templars and Imams were known to have a very 'cosy' relationship - when they all lived together in the Dome of the Rock.

This was what Rimington and Scarlett were to call 'HEROD'S TEMPLE'.

I wonder now...perhaps it was more accessible in that epoch. One can see that many of the early peoples, carved their houses into the rock...or used natural caves (and put windows and doors into them) which are all over the surrounding hills of they most probably did the same with Herod's the Assyrians did with their Temples...built them into the rock face. However, over the centuries...this 'cave cities' became buried.
The City of David is a case in point - just outside the walls of the Old City.

Herod is known to have been a 'conquering king' and not necessarily Jewish at all - most historians figure a Babylonian heritage and his Temple would
have been in keeping with whatever gods he worshipped - Sharon told me that in Sephardic history - Herod was recorded to have rounded up all of the
Jewish Rabbis and murdered them all - apart from one that he blinded and kept his prisoner - as a sort of 'seer'.

"...the cave is now known to have no exit apart from those leading to the surface of the Sakhrah"...

Why 'now known'?

Peculiar wording...suggesting that it was once known 'otherwise'...and it was once known that there was another exit to the 'well of souls' because I took
it down that rung ladder and via the small 'naturally carved' tunnel...further underground to Herod's Temple.

The ex-Microsoft guy who told me about the Palestinian excavations which were proceeding in that very area to determine why Al Aqsa Mosque AND
the Dome of the Rock were upon such shaky ground...there were splits beginning to occur in the beams and general supports for both buildings...and
something underground was causing them. One could guess where that might stem from...and would also assume that this excavation had found that secret Herod's what did they do about it? I searched the Internet for any references to this excavation after returning from Jerusalem but found guess is that they would have filled it in fast...the whole underground chamber beneath the well of souls. I do not suppose that the Muslim world would be ready to hear that there was a demonic Bablylonian Temple almost underneath Al Aqsa Mosque. It would take the rug from underneath their feet, in many ways.

One also has to say that certain Imams would have already been aware of it - along with the descendents of the Templars.

Perhaps then it was simply by necessity, in order to keep up the 'sham' of the public religion above ground - in the Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa Mosque that the Illuminati had to do something about this underground cavern - making it impossible for them to use it anymore for 'inductions' into the cult.
If one were a cynic about the whole thing...maybe that was the way that it all went. If both of those edifices disappeared...all hell would break loose and
the Illuminati wouldn't be able to necessarily use Islam as the chosen NWO religion.

Anyway, as I was visualising the whole secret route underground, in my mind...another image hit me...a metaphorical one:

The Illuminati love to programme with bodily imagery...using the body as a site to store programming.

I suddenly 'saw' the 'well of souls' as the STOMACH. Imagine the stomach as a small roundish cave with the duct down into the intestines...that is
how it looked and felt go down there...then to follow the intestinal tunnel into a huge room...and that is when I thought SOLAR PLEXUS...or rather that large lower colon...need to look this up in a medical text book...the one that looks like an underground lake.

I then realised that this is figuratively, how this horrific 'trip' would have been programmed into brief, our 'souls' were then trapped within our
solar plexuses...this all ties in with my solarised menstrual 'energy' had become trapped in and around the solar plexus...and only the Yogis appear to recognise this phenomenon in women who have solarised menstrual cycles...12 periods a year rather than the normal 13...the 13 that follow the cycle of the Moon...but I had been programmed to follow the 12 monthly cycle of the Sun...the RA Freemasonry cult. A 'sun child' rather than a 'moon child'. This is a Roman/Babylonian cult although the RA Freemasons see the Egyptians as having begun it all - with the Pharoah Akhenaton. Herod appears to have come from the Babylonian region (according to the Sephardim scribes) and if this was really his Temple - then it wasn't Egyptian and it didn't look Egyptian either. It looked vaguely Arabic and Masonic but I have no idea, how modern the interior design was - in 1980 - the usual strange symbols and marbled floor of the anteroom with a big sun on it, in large yellow triangles with black and grey surrounds. It could have been Victorian, for all I know. In fact, it most probably was. It was far too pristine to be ancient - the immaculately carved twisted, stone pillars at the entrance to the main Temple etc...or carefully restored - either way...but I am thinking more 'USA CAFE' type interior design in Budapest...with the same twisted pillars and gold leaf around...sort of fin-de-siecle baroque.

In addition, when one thinks of planets or 'stars'...the Earth is supposed to be molten at the is a burnt-out star in a way...this corresponds to 'centre of the earth' programming. The centre is the 'Sun' of your being. The molten lava and fire and gases.

Anyway, there was a shaft to get out of the main hall of this Temple that lead out from the back of the 'altar' and on the right of it...rather like the shafts that
lead out of the pyramids. We then came out onto high up rocky ground...the type around the whole of Temple Mount. Not sure which location but assume near to Zion Gate and then walked down to a waiting coach below that...and there are many down by the main road on that side of Temple Mount.

What actually happened at the Herodian Temple:

The figures cloaked in black on either side of the Priest at the altar - the Masonic codes and signals - a 'test' - the reading of the symbols on the shield - the 'levitating' golden cup...and I am now beginning to see that this whole thing was a set-up...rather like a David Blane (?) show (and most probably directed by one of those 'Hollywood' CIA operatives in London, from the 1960s e.g. John Waters - those who had incidentally, fooled the Rockefellers into believing in a 'lizard god' in the first place - all smoke and mirrors - special effects - the whole OZ program)...

Then the massive force that materialised above our heads and the Priest and then Rimington trying to get it under control and failing. The materialised 'force' wanted to murder ALL of them upon the spot and it was all I could do to reason with it - telepathically. Something in retrospect, I would never attempt to do again. It would have been better if they had all died - there and then.

When I used those commands...they were telepathic mind control commands to stop the aorta and blood vessels to Rimington's heart...and to close the Priest's throat...this was done via the 'force' that appeared...after they had made me sit on that 'throne' (and you know the rest - the spike up your anus - electric shock and 'esoteric' experience) and I am thinking the combined telepathic force of quite a few people here...but someone KNEW the codes of those bastards...and had wanted them all dead...and gave me those images/commands telepathically which I then imposed into the minds of those two...and it worked. One can see just how dire the mind control programming of both Rimington and Scarlett had be able to implant such a 'thought' as in 'mind control command' into their minds and then to make their bodies actually 'do' it but those familiar with mind control programming know that this is easily possible by the spoken word but by telepathy?

Anyway, after the Priest and Rimington had collapsed upon the floor, everyone was made to disrobe and then this 'wind' or 'force' followed us out of the underground Temple - it rushed past us...and exited via the rock doorway in the side of the Mount...rather like what had happened at the Templar
Castle...when President Putin smashed the Templars' ORB...we had to let it out of the Castle...and did so...the strange white force that lit up the sky over the burning Castle...that the British Army was to register as a possible chemical explosion that had occurred within it and wanted to know what exactly had been kept in that Castle...and I kept quiet about it at the time - figuring that they would never believe me - pearls before swine.

In addition, what Mark (a 'dissident' Rockefeller) had told me about the 'rock' in the Dome of the Rock sucking up the soul energy from those of us programmed there...CANNOT now be true and on several accounts...firstly that we were not below the Dome of the Rock anymore and so whatever rock was above us...wasn't the rock in the Dome of the fact, what was directly above us...was an evil sculpture of ourselves as 'rock pieces' on a evil Illuminati joke no doubt...we had all been turned into 'rock people'...and guess what I am thinking now...the ROCKEFELLERS. Secondly, that at the Templar Castle near Mons, France 2001...this soul energy was kept prisoner in an ORB - which had some anti-gravity mechanisim but no idea what to make of that...

All I can guess is that someone, somewhere at that point (the guy working the mechanism behind the curtain? The one who made the golden cup elevate by wires and so obviously...) had found a similar ORB and smashed it, to release such powerful energy...and to then watch the fireworks that the Priest tried to take 'it' on in a psychic match and lost...

Or maybe it was an accident...accidents do happen now and any rate...I do not think that this was to do with the properties of the 'rock' above
us at all...although one could say that metaphorically, it was the Rockefeller family, sucking up our energies...

All I can say is that I had a mind-link to this force and subsequently experienced what happened, through myself at the time...

General notes on British Intelligence mind control programming in the tunnels under Jerusalem:

If however, one came from the in under the MI Hotel...or the in the 'crocodile tunnel' from Bathsheba's pool...then one might come a cropper with the 'minotaur'...or rather horrible memories of this 'British Crown jewels' programming en route...I have no idea where the 'gorgon' was supposed to be situated in these underground tunnels...or maybe that was the whole point of 'riding the snake' down Warren's mineshift in the City of David...

I suppose that the graduates would have had to enact out 'failing' to save the chained princess on the rock at some point because Daldry was of the opinion in Prague - that Perseus doesn't manage to save her from being eaten by the sea monster...and one can assume that they also 'failed' to cut the head off the Medusa i.e. Rimington...all part of programming.

Other notes on the programming script used in conjunction with this terrible experience under Temple Mount:

TINTIN: THE BLACK ISLAND - This was the book which must have been used upon all of us on programming in 1980 - in relation to that tiny rock tunnel that leads Tin-Tin into the 'Black Island' Castle - it is virtually identical and Tin-Tin also has to crawl through it - he then meets the ferocious black gorilla (or Tomlinson pretending to be a Minotaur - either way - these stories are all intertwined and mixed up - purposefully)...and I suppose we were always supposed to view our memories of under Temple Mount in a 'Tin-Tin' story sort of way...that was the visualisation and story which was supposed to cover up our memories of the OTO Temple horror underground.

Other notes:

I have been in contact with Israeli Intelligence for some time now...and figure that I have them to thank for so many of these 'clues' - as well as 'scanning my memory banks' to help me on the way to breaking those walls down...retrieving every memory that I could. They must have either known or found out about what the Rockefeller family was up to, under Temple Mount because this wasn't Israeli was Palestinian territory...Moshe Dayan had given the Palestinian Authority control of Temple Mount...and so the Illuminati were in collaboration with the Palestinian authorities who controlled Temple order to conduct these OTO ceremonies underground.

One can see from the 'rock people' chessboard, strategically placed over the Herodian Temple and between Al Aqsa Mosque and the Arabic Museum - that this programming object would have most probably been bought by Rockefeller money - who had funded the whole thing, along with the British Royal Family. It would be interesting to know the date that this 'sculpture' was acquired or donated to the Palestinian authorities in question, on Temple Mount.

Anonymous said...

If anybody would like to join up the dots in relation to Russia joining the OIL CULT in 1949 AND the Book of Daniel Illuminati cult programming at the Temple of Baku – be my guest – just follow the links for the information below and figure it out:

Shamsi Asadullayev

In addition those of you who went through this hideous OIL CULT programming, might need a couple of pictures to jog your memory of the 1949 oil rig – used to create ‘front alters’ and ‘demonic alters’ – available at:

Incidentally, this horrific mind control programming, inspired the REAL author of Harry Potter (not poor old actress Rowling) into creating that ‘hellish prison’, including ‘the dementors’ – based on her experience in Azerbaijan.

Anonymous said...


Rimington has been on a specialist project of hers as a 'lizard programmer' since the late 1990s in Ghana. Under the cover of FAIRTRADE and DIVINE CHOCOLATE - Rimington has been programming these 'chocolate-producing' families and villagers as SPERM SLAVES. Every day, the men and boys have to line up to go into the main 'hut' to be milked for their sperm. This happens three times a day. It is seen as a traditional religious practice by these peoples but in fact, Rimington boasted to me that she
and her mind control programmers had brainwashed these people through drugs and torture to believe that this is a 'norm'. Rimington introduced the old Illuminati model of the MILKMAID'S STOOL which she then sat upon to milk the men and boys within this hut. This is now referred to as the GOLDEN STOOL by various tribes.

Rimington used to do this with all male Illuminati slaves who were chosen by British Intelligence to be programmed either as bona fide officers/agents or those to be placed in British government/society in key roles.

She has now extended this practice to Africa and specifically Ghana.
Why? It is an old slave-traders paradise and that is what Rimington and her associates are all about in the 21st Century - however this time it is mind control slavery. In addition, Ghana houses the Illuminati's
main SIGNALS BASE which controls their mafioso shipping lines.

The sperm is then sold on to various pharmaceutical companies - naturally the villagers are not paid for this 'product' and have no idea of what happens to their
sperm afterwards.

Additional notes:

Have you heard of the Ghanian myth of ANANSI?

According to Rimington it means:


i.e. a gay man under mind control or a 'Nancy' as in a whore with a heart of gold - a mind control sex slave run by British Intelligence. Andrew Lloyd-Webber knows all
about this trade in 'nancies' - why not ask him?

The odd thing about this apparently 'ancient tribal myth'
about the ANANSI is that there do not appear to be any ancient artefacts which can testify to the authenticity of this particular folktale. I was expecting to find at least a few wood/stone carvings (if not a few texts) to verify
the supposed 'traditional' aspect of this 'clever black
spider' story.

Perhaps one could posit that the myth of the ANANSI began at relatively the same time that ALICE IN WONDERLAND was published? Late 19th Century?

I forgot to mention that John Scarlett had told me that 'everyone'believed that the song 'WHO KILLED COCK ROBIN? I SAID
THE SPARROW, WITH MY LITTLE ARROW' was a Victorian song, which had been passed down through the centuries but had in fact, been hoaxed by British Intelligence and
through their publishing firms, in the 1950s.

That is their power.

That is the power of publishing.

Particularly when you control so many divisions and can coordinate them...along with the journalists and reviewers.

You can 'authenticate' the text with one of your mind control historians at can tell everybody it used to be sung at Christchurch in 1419...and so on...and they all buy it...why not? Who cares? You then get a few school choirs chirping it on Xmas TV programmes and it is in the has now become an 'authentic' part of British culture...

I still do not get what that song is about...but one figures some mafia war between the ILLuminati and whoever opposed them...

A US Statesman called Robin or Robbins in 1949...or around that time...what did he do...why did the ILL want to do him in?


Anonymous said...

Do Comic Relief know about what Rimington was up to?


"We decided to follow Stella Rimington (first female boss
of MI5) into the Ashanti Villages of Ghana to see how this latest project was developing...'

Did Rimington use the 'invisibility material' to make it look even more spooky?

Does GEORGE BUSH still go by the name of the LIZARD OF AHS?

(What happened to the WIZARD OF OZ?)

Does Rimington still think that she is an 'interdimensional space lizard' courtesy of the Wizard of Ahs mind control programming? Or has she now come down to Earth
with a bump - to realise that she was only ever a dirty, little backstreet abortionist and sperm-stealer?


(I have had to break up this URL just paste it back together).

The above is Rimington’s site where one can read about the mysterious ‘golden stool’ that she lifts up in her ‘invisibility material’ cloak to astound the natives.

Try this one as well:

Did my old mate MAX GLOBAL have anything to do with that one?

Anonymous said...

This may seem slight, in comparison to the above but this is my personal story of what Rimington stole from me.

My grandmother gave me a CROIS DE GUERRE which had been given to her by the love of her life who was then unfortunately murdered (by British Intelligence).

Rimington stole this from me, saying that it had no intrinsic value to her but that she could melt it down for more Templar gold.

I was too frightened to try to obstruct this theft, at the time.

However, in retrospect, I can see that Rimington was the one who lost out. My grandmother had loved passionately and had been loved back. From what has been said in other posts - that cannot have been the case with Rimington. At best, she would have incited fear and loathing - at worst? Uncontemplatible.

Anonymous said...

Would anybody like to know where ALL of the codes are for the ROYAL GENOME PROJECT?

Try your local hardware store which has an ICI PAINT MACHINE.

You know the ones - where the assistants can mix up virtually ANY colour/shade/tone of paint.

There is a massive swatch of colours that fan out to include every single colour-code for EVERY ILLUMINATI SLAVE.

Check out the ones which begin YR and look up your own age e.g. if you are 44 years old - then you may well have been programmed with YR44 and ORANGE. Not a good sign - these slaves are generally run as 'State terrorists'.

Check out the ones that begin with IV for all of the IVF coding and multiple experimentation upon that score.

Finally check out the GREEN coding for the 'rulers' of this Illuminati cult GENOME Nazi Eugenics project.

The whole paint machine is a metaphor, for this type of experimentation but the CODES are real.

Also check out the RA pink sheets as these contain the coding for all Royal Arch Freemasonry slaves.

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Anonymous said...

Would anyone like to try analysing a PRIVATE EYE CYCLOPS CROSSWORD?

An ex-Illuminati mind control slave told me all about it:

"I remember Rimington telling us that this was how spies on trains, could and would communicate to each other by asking each other to solve supposed crossword was also a way to activate somebody’s programming by simply asking a businessman mind control slave on a train ‘Can you help me with 2 Across?’ Then the man would open his briefcase and she would put whatever she wanted into it - these businessmen were used as unwitting smugglers to get things in and out of high-security buildings - drugs mainly."

Also, this crossword refers to CONSCIOUS -ACROSS: above ground/high-security building and

SUBCONSCIOUS - DOWN:below ground - Templar subterranean tunnels, chambers and halls used for human sacrifice -

- programming of mind control slaves.

The crossword itself refers to the 'cyclops' of British Intelligence who operate only upon their 'instinctual' side of the brain where the abused child alters are housed.

It is also a 'map' of a particular office building set-up.

For example, the 27th June edition of PRIVATE EYE had a plan of the SHELL BUILDING by Waterloo Bridge.

Note the many 'swastikas' within this architectural design.

There is an underground Illuminati tunnel network under this building.

If anybody is interested - the cream 'Queen Anne' fortress building by the hill overlooking Wimbledon is also an access point to Illuminati tunnels which run under this hill.

All of the seeded tennis players have to kneel to the Royal Family in a demonic rite - in a large hall under this hill. There is also a 'passing out' ceremony which used to make Rimington laugh a lot and for obvious reasons - they were all electrocuted to take away their memories and pass out after the ceremony - where the winner of the men's and women's singles are forced to have sex with one another, in front of their contemporaries of the tennis world AND the Royal Family always attend with their Illuminati notaries.

This is an exercise in humiliation. The tennis players are being taught that they might feel magnificent after having won Wimbledon but they are only mind control slaves of the Crown.

If you would like to visit other tunnels and underground chambers - why not try the Queen Anne style colonnaded house near to Queen Anne's garden in Greenwich. There is a tunnel entrance from this house which takes you right under the Royal Observatory.

Black Rabbit said...

For a whole load more information upon this British Intelligence - see the link below:

It can also be accessed from: by clicking on the GREEN hyperlink at the bottom - 320 comments left so far.

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black rabbit is right, he is certainly wearing tem... black rabbit is right, he is certainly wearing templar's golden chain

does anybody know that he still likes to be abused by his wife anymore? maybe not, but yet he might just have the nerve and courage to be a master of his wife. if the lord did so much thing to him, wouldn't we expect that he would be protecting the lord's vessel. We clearly do not see that...

John Paterson said...

I was blocked on Facebook for posting a Picture of Prince Andrew with a scantily dressed woman, but at least she was over 16... check this out GOOGLE...Prince Andrew photographed with under age woman